ImagineBC is a REVOLUTIONARY new media company starting a movement to make digital content experiences safe & equitable for all.

Digital platforms use tools to track your online behavior and then sell that data — your data. We respect your privacy and allow you to OPT IN to advertising, giving you an opportunity to EARN MONEY from the data you choose to share. Users can monetize their data and content, gaining financial independence. Register and take back control.

How It Works


Join the movement & register. No obligation.


Earn equity & give back. Opt into ads or surveys, earn additional income with the option to give back to social causes.


Connect with creators in sports, comedy and beyond. Your identity will be protected and content is ad-free.

For Members

Create an account and become a member — privacy protected. Opt in to receive ads or take surveys from brands — or don’t. Choose from a growing wide array of creator channels and subscribe to get exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else. Spend money you earn to get exclusive experiences or donate it to causes you care about.

For Creators

Got a podcast? Making a film? Music, sport, writing, games? You set the price for your subscribers and you will help lead the movement by finding and building an audience by offering them content they can’t get anywhere else while being rewarded. Secured through blockchain technology, you’ll never get hacked or your content and transactions stolen.

For Brands

Are you ready to connect with consumers in a different way? You are guaranteed that the consumers who receive your messages on ImagineBC are paying attention, because they have chosen to do so. Create a unique experience on the audience’s terms through focused content and partnerships. The best part is you only pay when they participate. No more paying for inflated impressions.

Experience ImagineBC

ImagineBC offers a wide range of exclusive content experiences that pay users and creators back.


A lot is happening in ImagineBC right now! We have multiple events, new channels, and activities to capture your imagination and earn you profit.

$5,000 Prize Trivia Game, $100 Weekly Giveaways, Quigley Golf Giveaways and more! 

Our Inspiration

No one can better explain the value of your personal data to media companies than respected futurist, Jaron Lanier. Click here to see Jaron explain how your data is worth as much as $20,000 a year to media companies that don’t respect your privacy.