Elias Theodorou

THE MANE EVENT on ImagineBC Join cannabis MMA Fighter, Elias Theodorou,  as he prepares for his fight as the first sanctioned Cannabis athlete in professional sport. Take an inside look into Elias’s life as he prepares for the event streamed on October 17th on ImagineBC.  Leading up you’ll get exclusive Read more…

Is Youtube a Dying Platform?

Is YouTube a Dying Platform? Since its’ birth back in 2005, YouTube has been a rapidly-growing online platform for streaming virtual content of nearly every genre. From the very beginning, YouTube has been a powerhouse for obtaining organic streaming views and attention from the around the world. In 2006, “The Read more…

CES Conference Recap

Chill out Apple, we know what you’re doing… Ahhhh, at last, Data Privacy Day…… As an international Holiday, January 28th provides a time to celebrate and acknowledge how far we’ve come in personal data protection and privacy. And since no other city celebrates better than Las Vegas, let’s recap some Read more…

Blockchain Applications: An Overview

Blockchain Applications: An Overview There is more to Blockchain than cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Blockchain technology, has enamored world and business leaders because of its ability to disrupt the existing business infrastructure we use to conduct operations. The immutable ledger, smart contracts, decentralization are revolutionary technologies that will help in value Read more…

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