The email verification, community invitation, resume reference, and bank prenote verification actions are fully automated processes that require no manual intervention by the ImagineBC staff. Resume reference verification is provided by our partner aRefChex. The verification of your photo ID is initially automated. ImagineBC uses OCR to extract your name from the document provided and check that the document is valid. If the document is valid, the extracted name will then be matched against the name you provide during registration. If the names match you will be awarded Trust Points. If the document is not considered valid or the names don’t match, the action will be sent to ImagineBC’s verification portal where an ImagineBC support representative will visually match the name on the document you provided to the name you entered during registration and determine if the document you provided is valid. After the verification process is completed, all personal information about each member is destroyed by ImagineBC, and only the member will have control of their data through the electronic wallet created for them at the time of registration.

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