Frequently Asked Questions

Is the personal information I provide secure?

Yes, all of your personal information is stored in an electronic wallet on a private blockchain running within the Microsoft Azure cloud. During registration you will be sent a private key which you can use to access your information within the ImagineBC mobile app. For convenience, you can request that ImagineBC store an encrypted version of your private key on your mobile device, but it is recommended that you always keep a hard copy version of your key stored someplace safe and secure.

How do you verify the personal information I provide to increase my Trust score?

The email verification, community invitation, resume reference, and bank prenote verification actions are fully automated processes that require no manual intervention by the ImagineBC staff. Resume reference verification is provided by our partner aRefChex. The verification of your photo ID is initially automated. ImagineBC uses OCR to extract your name from the document provided and check that the document is valid. If the document is valid, the extracted name will then be matched against the name you provide during registration. If the names match you will be awarded Trust Points. If the document is not considered valid or the names don’t match, the action will be sent to ImagineBC’s verification portal where an ImagineBC support representative will visually match the name on the document you provided to the name you entered during registration and determine if the document you provided is valid. After the verification process is completed, all personal information about each member is destroyed by ImagineBC, and only the member will have control of their data through the electronic wallet created for them at the time of registration.

What makes my Reputation Score go up or down?

Your Reputation Score is a measure of how honorably a member acts within the ImagineBC community.  A member’s score will go up if the member is living up to their commitments regarding the completion of commercial transactions, or the member is helping to grow the size of the community. There are four achievements available to every newly registered member. The completion of these achievements will help that member get their Reputation Score moving in the right direction. A member’s Reputation Score can fall if ImagineBC determines the member is attempting to unfairly take advantage of earning opportunities.

How does ImagineBC use my personal data?

ImagineBC’s role within the community is to create earning opportunities for its members from the personal data they provide. ImagineBC will never sell the personal data of a single member or group of members. We provide a free set of tools to companies that allow them to query aggregated member data. Companies can use these aggregated data sets to create surveys, focus groups, or advertising campaigns. Any member whose data was included within an aggregated data set will be given an opportunity to earn money from the campaign, and all members will be entitled to earn the same amount of money from any single campaign.

How do I start earning rewards within the ImagineBC community?

Each month we run a competition to reward you for helping to grow the community. Follow the in-app directions to invite people you know and you’re automatically entered once they become full members. The more people you invite that become members the more opportunities you have to win.

And, don’t forget to finish your first survey for an immediate cash reward. Plus, you can earn 5% bonus back each time you elect to redeem all or part of your available balance into an ImagineBC reward card.

In addition, we’re working to offer opportunities to earn money by watching ads, filling in surveys, and more all while interacting with the world’s best brands.

How do I access my earnings?

Your available balance will always be displayed on the application landing page. To withdraw funds from your balance, you will tap on the “View Details” link and scroll down to see your withdraw-able balance. Here you will be able to request to withdraw your funds. If you have not previously provided any banking information to ImagineBC, you will be asked to enter the information required for ImagineBC to transfer your requested funds to your specified banking institution. You should receive your funds within 24 hours of your request.

Will I receive messages or emails from ImagineBC or any other 3rd parties ImagineBC has relationships with?

No, ImagineBC is a closed loop community. This means that you will never receive any type of communication from ImagineBC or any other 3rd party outside of the ImagineBC mobile application unless you have agreed to provide this information to a 3rd party for fair compensation.

If ImagineBC never sells any members information, how does it make money?

ImagineBC takes a 10% transaction fee from the full cost of any transaction completed within the community. So, if member A were to sell some good or service to member B for $10, ImagineBC would keep $1.00 from this completed transaction. Member A, as the seller of the good or service would earn $7.00 from the transaction and the remaining $2 would be distributed to the member who referred Member A to the community and to the member who referred Member B to the community.

How did ImagineBC choose the companies who are shown within the application?

To qualify for an “in-application” presence, a company must provide value to the ImagineBC community. You provide value by helping grow the community – the larger the community the more earning opportunities will be available for members. You can also provide value by providing access to additional personal information because this creates additional earning opportunities for members. Finally, members may provide value toward the community by offering their experience and services in a variety of departments, including, but not limited to, financial guidance, education, health & wellness, and business development. Providing value and information that benefits others in our community is an ability that remains invaluable, and we encourage all our members to share the knowledge that they hold.
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