Earn on Your Own Terms

It’s your data and you should profit from it. When you’re an ImagineBC member, you’ll get paid to interview, participate in surveys, discover new products and help build a community that earns together.

Verification. Reputation. Monetization

Learn how to establish yourself in the community and start earning.

Every member of the ImagineBC community is verified through a series of tasks structured to ensure they are a real person, and are who they say they are. Once a member is verified they can begin growing their Trust and Reputation scores.

A member’s Trust Score reflects the strength of their verification, while the Reputation Score measures member behavior to support the integrity of the community.

Ways To Earn

Discover how you can monetize your data.


Your time is valuable. And now companies with job offerings that match your experience and interests will pay you to interview. ImagineBC is the only community that can help you earn money while you find your dream job.

Access jobs specifically personalized to you. All in one app. 

By retaining your anonymity, ImagineBC helps remove bias from the hiring process by featuring your career profile and not your demographic profile.

Take Surveys

Select surveys based on your interests and get paid to complete them. Unlike other services, ImagineBC lets you choose what information you want to share and what you’d like to keep private.

Unlock opportunities to earn by interacting with brands. 

Only share the details you want and get paid each time you do.

Participate in Focus Groups

Your opinions have value. Participate in digital focus groups and earn anywhere from $25-$300 in no time at all. 

Share your thoughts with the world’s leading companies.

Get paid to participate on your time. No travel, no scheduling.

View Ads

Instead of buying advertising space on major networks, advertisers can pay you directly to watch, read or listen to their ads. You’ll be shown ads based on your interests and you can decide whether or not you want to watch.

Find out about local deals, products and services from trusted local businesses.

Get paid and give back to the community every time you watch.

Help Us Grow the Community

Refer friends and family to ImagineBC and earn whenever they participate. The sooner you join, the greater your opportunity to earn.

Earn real cash every time the friends you invite complete a buy or sell transaction on ImagineBC.

Win cash for contests based on how many friends and family join the community.

Have questions? Visit our FAQs page.

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