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ImagineBC thanks you for taking the next step towards becoming a valued member of our community.

Feel free at any time to click on the appropriate link to download the app and register as a member.

Since ImagineBC is a referral only community, we know that an existing member has already sent you an invitation. What we don’t know is how much background our member has given you about what ImagineBC is trying to accomplish.

How ImagineBC protects your data…

ImagineBC’s privacy policy clearly states that we don’t retain any personal data that defines “you as you” within our database nor will we ever attempt to profit from the sale of your data to any 3rd party without your knowledge AND approval. Compare our privacy policy to Facebook’s or any other so-called “free” service and the differences between how we handle your data will be apparent.

We live up to this promise by:

  • Creating a blockchain wallet for you
  • Ensuring that all personal information (such as name, email, mobile number and banking information) you provide is stored only in your blockchain wallet
  • Ensuring that you and only you have the key to your wallet.

Your information is absolutely more secure inside the blockchain wallet we create for you than anywhere else. Don’t believe us. Think about your banking information. If you have a checkbook in your house your banking data is exposed to any 3rd party you allow in your home or surreptitiously might enter your home. Even when you write out a check to somebody you are providing that somebody with your banking information. Not so inside ImagineBC. Your information remains totally secure within the Microsoft Azure blockchain network and only you have the key to retrieve it.

Finally, ImagineBC, through its parent company OneTouchHCM, is an Originating Depository Financial Institution or ODFI ( We operate under the umbrella of United Bank (, but we are authorized to transmit files directly into the United States treasury system. Such designations and responsibility are not awarded to just anyone and we are very proud to be included in the program. Because of our OFDI designation, we undergo a NACHA audit ( every year. This independent audit performs a thorough review our internal controls, policies and procedures. We have been moving money through the US treasury system since 2003 without incident

What we are trying to accomplish…

Simply stated ImagineBC believes that it is we, the individual, and not the big tech companies like Google and Facebook who should control and benefit from our personal information. We hope you agree with us. The advertising industry is now entirely driven by access to our personal information. In 2018, $235 billion was spent by 3rd parties on advertising to us. How much of that $235 billion did you receive?

Within our app, it will always be up to you to decide how much of your information you wish to share, and it will always be up to you to determine when and how you wish to receive offers from 3rd parties. You will never receive any annoying banner ads, popup text messages or unsolicited emails from us!

How you can help…

Convincing 3rd parties to allocate some of their budget dollars away from mainstream media and digital platforms is not easy. It requires 2 things: a large enough population to get their attention; and, enough data to make it worth their while to try our platform.

This is where you come in. By downloading the app and registering you will already have started to help because you will have increased our community size by 1. But to really help, we need you to consider inviting your friends and family to join. It is only through numbers that we will get their attention.

Also, by completing the General Profile survey (more about this inside the app) you will provide the essential data 3rd parties want to know about you to make you valuable to them. It’s important to understand that even though you are contributing data about yourself through the app, ImagineBC keeps you totally anonymous to all 3rd parties. The only way they can contact you is through the app where you will be in complete control over if and when you wish to participate with their offers.

ImagineBC is not a pyramid scheme or a multi-level marketing company…

  • ImagineBC, who theoretically would be at the top of such a pyramid never earns a dime from referrals. We only ever earn money after we have helped you, our member, earn money. That’s just not how pyramid schemes work.
  • We are not a multi-level marketing company. A referrer can only earn fees from the people they directly invite. Referral fees only work 1 level down.
  • With our upcoming upgrade scheduled for October, every member will be given the opportunity to donate up to 100% of their referral earnings to a social cause of their choice. A pyramid scheme would never permit such activity.

Is there any immediate benefit to be a member?

As we mentioned earlier, we need to grow the size of our community to attract 3rd parties to begin to compensate you for watching their ads or filling in their surveys. Between now and then the most immediate benefit available to members is the 5% bonus back program we are offering through use of our reward card. This program should be available to all members by October 4th.

5% bonus back programs don’t come along every day. AMEX only rewards you with $0.5 cents per dollar spent using their card. Bank of America is making a big splash right now advertising their 3% bonus back program and Walmart just started a 5% program, but you need to spend your money inside their store and the program only lasts for 12 months before reverting back to be a 2% program.

We hope you get started using our program at least in a small way and then increase your usage as you become more comfortable with the mechanics. Transfer $20 into your available balance, redeem the $20 onto a reward card and you will see that $1 remains in your available balance, even though you have redeemed $20 worth of value! You can then spend your $20 anywhere a MasterCard debit card is accepted!

The program does require you to transfer money from a valid bank account into your available balance (essentially buy up your reward points) inside the app. We understand there can be some concern about sharing your bank information. To understand how secure your banking information is inside the ImagineBC app please refer to both “Blockchain Security” and “App Tutorials” pages, where we explain our Blockchain Security system. We continue to explore being able to use alternative money transfer mechanisms such as PayPal, Zelle and Venmo, but these services do cost money. The fees we would need to pay would wipe out the 5% savings we are offering you. Because of our decades long experience moving money via ACH, this remains the only method available to us that is free of charge.

Keep an eye out for…

In the “Business Unusual Podcasts” page, you will find podcasts featuring our current content providers. All providers we work with will be featured on this page, as our podcast will welcome each provider that joins our community. We are working with a variety of individuals ranging from exclusive podcasts, fitness & workout videos, and “behind the scenes” content from artists and athletes. As we prepare the ImagineBC App for the public launch, keep an eye on the “Business Unusual Podcasts” page. All of our content providers will be featured there to welcome them into our community. 

As the app develops, so will this site. We want to keep you informed on more additions and changes coming to the ImagineBC community.

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