ImagineBC was built from the ground up with your privacy and security in mind. We go beyond the standard military strength encryption to ensure that each member’s identity and data is protected – preventing anyone but you from taking action with information.

Blockchain technology allows ImagineBC to treat every member as anonymous, while still verifying that every member of the community is who they say they are.

The way we do this is simple: Once you sign up for ImagineBC your data is stored and controlled on your device and all account verification data is wiped from our servers – instead of being stored in massive databases. Only you have access to your information and only you can give permission to use it.

And that’s the important thing. You get to decide what we, and everyone else on ImagineBC knows about you. By default, you’re anonymous until you decide otherwise.

Because we use blockchain, ImagineBC and its advertisers and members don’t know who you are, what gender you identify as, or anything else about you other than what you want them to know.

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