The Current Data Ecosystem & How You Are Losing Out

Worldwide internet users’ now number 3.9 billion as per 2018 statistics. Out of all of these users, 2.62 billion use the internet for social media. The amount of data we are generating is amazing:

  • We are producing 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day.
  • Google executes almost 40,000 searches per second.
  • YouTube users watch over 4 million videos a minute.
  • 300 million photographs are uploaded to Facebook everyday.

Today, data is valuable. Thousands of data brokers have emerged to mine and sell your data. It is a multi-billion dollar business, and your personal data is for sale. There are people who are even bidding on this data! Companies like IBM, Experian, and Oracle are all a part of this marketplace. Our mission is to help you cash in with your own personal data.

The Cost to Users:

Data harvesting has been happening for almost a decade, but it is only the recent data leaks at Experian and the Facebook-Russian Ads Crisis that have really opened our eyes on how tech titans have been using what we do online for their gain. No matter how secure we feel, our privacy is at the mercy of these internet giants. Privacy is nearly nonexistent, and cybercrime is all too easy. These companies are using our data to sell as much as they can to us. They are manipulating users with fake information. Cyber wars and trolling now feel commonplace in some industries. All of this has a huge cost to us, internet users. At ImagineBC, we want to put an end to this, and put you in control.   

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How the Data Marketplace Works

You are extremely valuable to many different companies. This is because they can use your data and searches to market directly to you in hopes that you will buy their products. This means that there are users with more value than others. A user in United States is worth more than a user in India or China. This is because it is all about how much revenue a company can generate from YOU, and the truth of the matter is companies make more money from American users than Indian or Chinese users.

Each company has a different value they put on your data. For example, you are worth $182 to Google, $158 to Facebook, and $733 to Amazon according to analysis by How Much. Reread that. That is money they are making off your data in order to help businesses sell to you, without giving users a cut. Users are the product, and business is good.

Way Out: ImagineBC

The current data ecosystem is a black hole. It sucks in all of the data from you. Your searches, your clicks, and your actions online are being leveraged by companies to take your money. It is important that users educate themselves and take a conscious role in how they want their personal data being used, but this can be very complicated, and that is why ImagineBC is here to help! We want to make sure that your data is benefiting you, while cutting out the middlemen. Let’s partner and make the internet a place where everyone makes money, not just big companies.

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